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Re: DIY Electrical work book recommendations?

To: "Mark Andy" <>,
Subject: Re: DIY Electrical work book recommendations?
Date: Thu, 01 Dec 2005 17:57:06 -0500
I did this exact same job a couple of years ago.  The worst part of the job was 
the trench from the house to the garage. :-(

He should get the "Pocket Guide to Electrical Installations Under NEC 2002,
Volume 1: Residential".  This will not explain how to do the work, but it is a 
good reference to make sure that the work meets code, and it's much cheaper than
a copy of the full NEC ($26 instead of $65).

ISBN 087765457-3

Doug Braun

At 03:58 PM 12/1/2005 -0500, Mark Andy wrote:

>A friend is interested in wiring his own (detached) garage including the
>subpanel & feed from the main house panel and asked me if I had any
>recommendations for good books to learn to do it properly & to normal
>code, etc.  He's not an idiot and is mechanically adept, but he's not done
>much house wiring before.
>Anyone have any good book recommendations?

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