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Re: Removing a linoleum floor

To: Bill Gilroy <>,
Subject: Re: Removing a linoleum floor
From: Steve Dillen <>
Date: Fri, 14 Oct 2005 23:15:33 -0700
Oh what a gawdawful ugly job that is.  I've done my basement by 
hand...used a respirator/goggles and as much PPE as I could find to keep 
away from the dust because I don't actually >know< what the old flooring 
was made of.  Nor do I really want to know what it was made of.

If you have any in if you're laying carpet/laminate/tile, 
consider laying it over the old floor.  It's MUCH less work.


Bill Gilroy wrote:

>Any tips for removing a linoleum floor that is glue directly to concrete? I
>want to know what to expect before I start on the task.

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