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Re: Oil for 2 cycle engines....

Subject: Re: Oil for 2 cycle engines....
Date: Mon, 25 Jul 2005 08:03:01 -0700
On Mon, Jul 25, 2005 at 10:17:44AM -0400, Gerald Brazil wrote:
>  I have 3 tools with 2 cycle engines. Each one requires a different mix
> ratio. The other day I went to the hardware store to buy come 2 cycle
> oil and I was complaining to the clerk about having to have 3 different
> gas cans laying around. He picked up a tube of stuff that he claimed was
> a "universal".....just put one tube in a gallon of gas and put it in any
> 2 cycle engine......sounds to good to be true.....
> Does anybody on the list know if this stuff is safe to use or does it
> void warrantees. (like if my tools were still in the warrantee period !
> )

I run synthetic two-stroke oil in all my
two-stroke power tools.  It lubricates better than the
cheap dinosaur-based stuff sold at the hardware store.
I use the same Redline synthetic oil that I run in my 
off-road motorcycles.  Besides being a better oil, it 
makes the exaust smell better.  The stuff I use is a step
down in price from their top of the line racing synthetic
and it's formulated for low deposits.

I also don't always follow the manufacturers recommendations
on oil mix ratios.   Basically, the higher the specific power output
(per cc), the more oil you need.  So a low power engine used for
observed trials can run 80:1, while a highly tuned road race engine
that makes 5x the power per cc needs 20:1 of the highest quality
synthetic.  Since chainsaws and the like are fairly low power
engines (compared to the road race engine) they don't need
a lot of oil.  But they run at full throttle most of the time, so
a bit more oil is called for.

The upshot is, I run all my two-stroke power tools on
good synthetic mixed at 50:1.


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