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New engine for old lawn mower

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Subject: New engine for old lawn mower
From: Bill Gilroy <>
Date: Tue, 5 Jul 2005 10:19:24 -0400
My really old Troy Built lawnmower is about ready for a new engine.  I
got the thing years ago and it had already had the the engine rebuild
once.  The engine has little compression and the carb. is worn.  Last
time I got a rebuild kit for the carb. the lawn mower guy commented
that parts were becoming unavailable.  So, maybe now is the time for a
new engine.

With that said this engine had no marking beside Briggs and Stratton
that I can find.  So I don't know the rating.  I figure the diameter
and length of the output shaft will narrow the selection of engines. 
I have to measure that tonight.

The old engine when it ran well would horse right through high grass
without bogging down a bit.  So I don't want to under power the mower.
 It is a high wheel, self-propelled 24" cut mower. Any ideas on what
size engine I want, engine features such as cast iron cylinders vs.
some type of alloy.  I guess if I want to break the bank I can go with
an electric start engine.  Will a 3 amp DC alternator be able to
charge a small battery that can be used to drive the mower?  Any brand
better then the next?   Tecumseh, Briggs & Stratton, Honda (pricey),
Kohler?  Any features I should consider, OVH, or others.

I don't want to break the bank, but I will send the money to get a
good engine that will last and do the job.  I like this mower, it cuts
well and is the right size for my property, it is just that the engine
is old, worn out, carb problems and some intermittent electric
gremlins also.

Also any vendor or source for an engine that you can recommend?
Any thought?



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