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low compression

To: <>
Subject: low compression
From: "Eugene D Abbondelo" <>
Date: Wed, 25 May 2005 16:27:34 -0400
I'd like to get opinions from the list on a general automotive question, if I 

My Mazda MPV 1992  has an all-aluminum V-6 3 liter engine that has developed 
low compression in 1 cylinder (60 lbs instead of 145 lbs or so)  It's probably 
a cracked cylinder head--a common problem on this engine, I understand. Car has 
high milage (165, 000) and other faults, so I'm not about to throw money into 
it, the car just isn't worth it. Parts are expensive (even used) and a hassle 
to get.

My question is, at this point, the car is still  driveable, just idles rough 
and is down on power, but I can still get around town ok.  What happens when 
you drive a car with low compression in 1 cylinder?  Will the engine eventually 
stop running or lock up without warning? 

Should I disconnect the spark plug lead from the bad cylinder and drive it like 
that, or leave it attached?  

Thanks for any info.


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