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Eclipse radio/power antenna fix?

Subject: Eclipse radio/power antenna fix?
From: Eric Murray <>
Date: Thu, 12 May 2005 07:00:33 -0700
I recently bought a '91 Eclipse Turbo. (stock and unmolested by idiots!)
The radio or power antenna seems to have a problem- when I turn
the radio on, the antenna starts to extend.  Sometimes when it
is fully extended, the radio will play a loud tone instead of
whatever was on the radio station.  The tone is different at
different radio frequency settings.  It's always loud and annoying
and completely washes out the music (ok, I once mistook it for
some experimental industrial music on KFJC, but eventually
realized that even they wouldn't play something that annoying).

The left side of the dial is more likely to be affected.  Unfortunately
that's where all the good college radio stations are.
Sometimes I can tune in a station and it'll go ok for 10 or 20 minutes
then back to EEEEEEEE.

The diagnosis in the excellent shop manual that came with the car seems
to indicate that its the anenna.  I'm going to replace the radio head
unit anyhow (with a phat kickin' CD player, yo) but if futzing with the
stock antenna doesn't work, I need to locate a replacement.  I'd like
a power antenna to keep it looking stock.

So my questions are:

-anyone know of a good on-line Mitsu parts site?  All the ones I have
found have exactly the same range of parts.  Hmm.  And no antennas.

-any ideas for fixing the stock antenna?  manual says to clean and polish, and
I was also going to remove the mast and look at it, and make the resistance
measurements recommended in the manual.  But the manual doesn't have any
way to fix it, just replace.

-whats up with and the talon mailing list? resolves
to an IP addr but I can't ping it, so they're not up to send/receive mail.
Did everyone on the list stop driving DSMs and get Civics instead?  Is 
there another list?

-who makes the best neon light kit?



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