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RE: Lug nuts

To: "Shop-Talk" <>
Subject: RE: Lug nuts
From: "Randall" <>
Date: Tue, 3 May 2005 19:06:16 -0700
> What kind of locks did you get Randall?

Sorry, don't recall the brand and I junked the van last year.  The outside
of the nut was completely smooth (and chromed), the end of it had a
funny-shaped 3-lobe indentation that the "key" fit into.  The key itself was
finished in black oxide, similar to most impact sockets and was perhaps 2"
long by 1" in diameter.  ISTR the flats were 19mm, same as the original lug
nuts (so the original lug nut wrench would turn the key).

Didn't look the same as the McGard photos I found on the web, but I didn't
find anything that did resemble what I bought.

Come to think of it, my van had the lug nuts down a well that wasn't very
big ... I'm not sure a generic "lock remover" would fit over the outside of
the locks.

> And to my way of thinking, if they are going to take the time to
> jack up your
> car and take the wheels, why not break the window and open the
> glove box for  your key?

Just curious ... do you leave the doors unlocked and the key in the
ignition, too ?

Yes, anything can be stolen and locks only keep honest people honest.  But
it's been my experience that having something locked greatly increases the
chances that it won't get stolen.

I put up a pre-fab shed on the side of my garage, to store old car parts in.
Initially I left the door unlocked, on the theory that the local thieves
would quickly figure out they had no use for old Triumph engine blocks and
leave it alone.  That door was opened almost every single day for months,
until I started locking it.  No one has bothered to break in since, although
it would be trivial to do so.


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