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Re: stud welder dent puller

To: "Chadwick E. Labno" <>,
Subject: Re: stud welder dent puller
From: Steve Shipley <>
Date: Sat, 20 Nov 2004 13:16:02 -0800
I bought one from HF and the stud welder works just fine.
What was annoying was the puller.  It uses a knurled wheel
with an eccentric pivot to grip the stud and I couldn't get it
loose once I'd pulled a dent without pulling the pivot pin.

In general, those studs are a last resort when you
absolutely can't use a hammer and dolly.

Steve Shipley

At 08:58 PM 11/19/2004 -0500, Chadwick E. Labno wrote:

>Having recently dented my truck, I find myself
>in the market for a stud welder dent puller. I,
>being frugal, was looking at the ones sold by
>Harbor Freight. They have a welder with a
>"peak rating" of 24 amps on sale for $100
>and a "peak rating" of 39.7 amps for $120.
>Anyone have experience with these units,
>or general advice on the use of stud pullers?
>For comparison, the Eastwood unit is the
>$200 (no puller) to $300 With puller).
>Both HF units come with a 2lb puller.

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