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A question about Hypoid gear oil.....

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Subject: A question about Hypoid gear oil.....
From: "Gerald Brazil" <>
Date: Thu, 18 Nov 2004 09:41:22 -0500
I have a 1958 MF tractor that I left outside most of the summer. When I
checked the fluid level in the gear case which holds both the
transmission/PTO and the hydraulics for the 3 point hitch I noticed that
the oil was the color of a latte......looks to me like it has gotten
water in it. This is entirely possible since the rubber boots on the
shift levers are pretty stretched out and water could have gotten in
following the shift levers. Every thing seems to work OK, trans, PTO and
the 3 pt. hitch but I am concerned about the long term effects.....
What the consensus.....suppose  I should drain it and replace it? Do I
need to flush it out? If so, with what? Diesel fuel? any other great
I await being deluged with information.

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