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RE: computing electrical loads

To: "Mark Andy" <>,
Subject: RE: computing electrical loads
From: "Jim Bauder" <>
Date: Mon, 15 Nov 2004 19:50:54 -0700

Not sure about the size of your garage of course, but when I wired up my
garage at my old house, I pulled 75 amps into the garage from the main panel
to a 24 breaker sub-panel with a back-fed main breaker. Then I ran two 20
amp lighting circuits for a bunch of 4 foot florescent lights. They were
wired so that if one tripped off I would still have lights over all of the
power saws, etc. wired sort of "chris-cross!"  I had at least one 20 amp
circuit every 4 feet or so at each bench and one on each side of the garage
door opening. I also had a dedicated 20 amp circuit for the two 10 inch
saws, recognizing that I would never have both on at the same time. The
smaller power tools, bench grinder, band saw, etc was plugged into a bench
outlet. I used four-plex (that is two duplex receptacles!) outlets at the
benches. I still had unused breaker spaces if I need to ad another circuit.

Unfortunately, the electrical system at the new house is not nearly as nice!

Good luck and YMMV!

Jim Bauder
Scottsdale, AZ

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Subject: computing electrical loads


Anyone know of a chart or whatnot that lists common amperage loads for
things like:

100W lightbulb
3/4 hp garage door opener
small 110V hot tub heater/pump

Etc. etc. etc.?

Just trying to see if I'm going a little insane on the number of circuits
on this "rewire the garage" project...



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