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Re: Hose for compressor?

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Subject: Re: Hose for compressor?
From: "Ian" <>
Date: Mon, 1 Nov 2004 13:41:23 -0500
On Sunday 31 October 2004 12:07 pm, John Miller wrote:

> The question is this: I need to use something flexible to connect the
> compressor to the wall - something bigger than the typical
> tool-attachment whip-hose, at least 5/8" ID - and ideally it'd be
> something easily removable.

For a similar application with my compressor I used the following from

1 10Ft.       5304K28 All-Flow EPDM Rubber Multipurpose Hose 1/2"  ID, 7/8"
OD, 300 Psi, Black  $0.86 $8.60
2 2 Packs   5346K36 Brass Hose Fitting Barb X Male Swivel For 1/2" Hose ID,
1/2" Pipe, Packs of 2 $6.78 $13.56
3 1 Each     54205K11 Type 301 SS Constant-Tension Worm-Drive  Clamp 9/16" To
1-1/16" Clamp ID Range, 9/16" Band Width $3.44

That's real tough hose, about as tough as what we used to use in a machine
shop.  The swivel bars seem to seal well and make the installation much
easier.  The constant tension clamps are smooth on the inside (don't scar
hose) and they have a spring action to adjust for expansion/contraction with


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