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RE: Vinyl storage shed

To: "'Wayne Farrington'" <>,
Subject: RE: Vinyl storage shed
From: "Mike Frerichs" <>
Date: Mon, 6 Sep 2004 21:49:14 -0500
You might also want to check out these two links.  One's a 7' X 11' shed and
the other is a 4.5' extension.  The shed has skylights, doors on three
sides, and a built in workbench.  You can add as many extensions as you


(or just go to and search for SmartShed)

Mike Frerichs

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I'm in desperate need of some additional storage for lawn and garden
stuff. I currently have one 8x10 old metal shed, which looks like hell,
and is full of equipment. I need to add at least one, maybe two more
sheds as the lawn and garden stuff has crept into my shop and is taking
up valuable floor space.

I hate to buy another metal shed, only to have it look like heck in a
matter of a few years. Wood sheds are nice, but lumber is not cheap
these days. Also in consideration is that we may be moving to our new
place in the country in 5 years. So something that I could take with
might be good.

So, I started looking at plastic type sheds and was wondering if you all
have any experience with these?
Costco sells this 8x6 one for $400:
I think it's made in the UK. You still have to put a concrete or plywood
pad down for any of these options, but it looks like this one uses no
metal whatsoever. In addition this one comes with floor panels. May need
two of these as they are only 8x6. These are available for pickup at the
local store.

Costco also sells this 8x6 for $330 but I think you need to order it

Finally Costco has this 10x8 for $600. Also think you have to order this
one online as well.

Anybody have any experience with these "plastic" sheds?


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