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RE: Basic fastener stock

To: "'nicholas harteau'" <>
Subject: RE: Basic fastener stock
From: "Ben Zwissler" <>
Date: Mon, 7 Jun 2004 21:14:34 -0500
Our local Fastenal is pretty good about serving non-commercial customers, so
I assume they'd be good with a small business.  They're a national chain,
and they have a web site.  I bought 25-50 of many common fine thread nyloc
nuts for my TR4A and the same for metric for the TR7.  Its much cheaper than
buying them from the specialty bin at the hardware store or Lowe's.  Bolts
are a little harder to stock because of the multitude of lengths.  I don't
know if Fastenal has a "kit" that they sell small businesses but I wouldn't
be surprised.  I'd recommend them even for most hobby mechanics.

Ben Zwissler
Columbus, IN
80 TR8 

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> Subject: Basic fastener stock
> Can anyone point me to a good, inexpensive place that can 
> keep me stocked on common metric fasteners?
> Basically, we'd like to keep a small stock of common sizes of 
> socket head cap screws, washers, nuts, etc in m6-m12 or 
> thereabouts, as well as some smaller specialty items specific 
> to our business, say m4-m6 round-head and flat-head cap 
> screws, nylock nuts, et cetera.
> Just looking for a basic drawer/bin kit that I can then 
> refill as necessary.
> Online ordering would be a big plus.
> -- 
> nicholas harteau

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