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Re: Car polisher

To: "Mark Palmer" <>
Subject: Re: Car polisher
From: Roger Gibbs <>
Date: Thu, 29 Apr 2004 22:48:54 -0700
On Thursday, April 29, 2004, at 12:29 PM, Mark Palmer wrote:

> I recently bought an inexpensive electric waxer/polisher, first time 
> I've used one.  I am not impressed. Maybe I am doing something wrong 
> -- or maybe I just need a higher-quality one.

I like using a Porter Cable variable speed random orbit tool as a 
buffer and polisher.  Same basic machine as the sander, velcro 
attachment allows foam pads to be used.

The variable speed is a very nice feature and with a little experience 
one can nearly eliminate the flinging of material.  I have used a 
variety of products, including Meguiars (sp?) cleaner/wax.  I  use foam 
pads and do the final buffing off of the wax by hand.  For me the final 
hand buffing is about as easy as by using the machine.

Different products have different characteristics, but in general I had 
to learn to use a smaller amount of product and do a small (maybe 2 ft 
by 2 ft) section at a time, then apply a small amount of product on the 
sect section and work it until the panel is finished.

Many  years ago I bought a Craftsman orbital waxer/polisher.  I had no 
success with it.  I returned it to the store (the only tool I have 
every returned).  I felt that tool did nothing useful.

Hope this helps.


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