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Re: Sludge removal in gas tank

To: "George Procyshyn" <>
Subject: Re: Sludge removal in gas tank
From: Mike Lee <>
Date: Thu, 22 Apr 2004 11:27:18 -0700
I don't know if this is directly applicable or not, but I recently had to clean 
a set of carbs on a two-stroke m/c that had been sitting for several (>5) 
years, and
also try to clean the rust out of another m/c that was sitting around for 1-2 
Yamaha makes some products for m/c to do both.  They have a varnish cleaner 
that is
mixed in diluted concentration with gas; you pour some into the tank, add gas, 
the vehicle to get it into the carbs, and then let it sit.  The varnish cleaner 
in (I think) a quart-size container.  I cheated and poured it into a pan, and 
dropped the carbs into it.  The stuff was very effective, but I used it in much 
concentration than the directions recommended.
The other product (the rust remover) was a two step rust remover and 
It involved using the rust remover and hot water, and letting the product sit 
several hours.  It was worked well on the rust, and seems pretty acidic (killed 
nose from fumes just from me holding my breath and trying to peer down the 
hole.  I imagine it would attack varnish with the same zest.....
FWIW, I think it was around $25 for both products (the varnish remover and rust

Good luck!

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