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Re: Battery Voltages

To: Betti Ann & Preston Smith <>
Subject: Re: Battery Voltages
From: Trevor Boicey <>
Date: Tue, 13 Apr 2004 16:25:13 -0400
Betti Ann & Preston Smith wrote:
> So, what are the voltages below which alkaline and conventional battery 
> types AA, AAA, 9 v, C, and D should be thrown away. I have a digital 
> meter to help with this task.

   This would be akin to throwing away your car when the change 
compartment is empty.

   Battery voltage and charge reserve have only a passing relationship, 
especially considering the many battery chemistries available.

   Throw them away when they stop working in their application. Easy. ;>

   ...for a bit more background, you can derive a battery health status 
measuring the voltage but only when the battery is under load. As nice 
as digital meters are, they are of such high impedance that they 
actually are worse than analog meters for this purpose. (since they draw 
almost no current they don't load the battery at all)

   Dedicated battery tester gizmos incorporate a small load in their 
circuit, just an appropriately sized resistor. They work and only cost a 
couple of bucks...

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