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RE: meek MIG melting aluminum? MJB welder fund

Subject: RE: meek MIG melting aluminum? MJB welder fund
From: "john matthews" <>
Date: Mon, 22 Mar 2004 06:45:40 -0800
>Lately I've been welding up miscellaneous brackets, mountings, exhaust
>hangers and such with my little MIG welder.  Its a Craftsman 85 amp model
>my wife gave me for my birthday or Christmas some number of years ago.
>Am I just being silly thinking such a low output box could weld on aluminum
>panels in the 0.050 - 0.100 inch range?

Hi Mark,

Thanks for all the great work over the years....

When is your birthday? This is what you need.

The time you spend learning to MIG aluminum would be better spent learning 
If it's just a one time thing you could farm out the work, but if you want 
to learn check out the local trade schools. They can get you started with 
the right equipment and techniques.

I too bang on computers all day. There's something satisifying about going 
into the shop and sticking pieces of metal together.

I have a cheap Harbor Freight welder in my shop, but I really feel the Fat 
Chance Garage deserves something better.... I'll pledge $10 right now 
towards getting you the unit listed above. If 149 other list members will do 
the same you'll be set.

We really should do something special for you!!!!

What do you think guys? Can we do it? MJB welder fund?

John Matthews

list member since 1995

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