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Re: Snow blower tire madness

Subject: Re: Snow blower tire madness
From: Mike Lee - Team Banana Racing <>
Date: Tue, 27 Jan 2004 09:19:11 -0800
>>So are there any ways to make this easier?  Can I (crazy thought though it
>>may be) weld the rim halves together to make one actual air tight rim,
>>then put a tire on it?  Do they make some sorta snow blower tires that
>>don't require air in the first place?
>Sounds like a job for foam filling. I've seen filled tyres offered as a 
>complete item but never been able to track down anyone providing a filling 
>service. They must exist.

Try some bicycle shops; there used to be aerosol cans of the stuff you could
use in lieu of the "puncture-proof" inner tubes.

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