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Re: AOL blocking Now with shop content...

To: "Nolan Penney" <>, <>
Subject: Re: AOL blocking Now with shop content...
Date: Tue, 05 Aug 2003 18:39:53 -0700
At 06:48 AM 8/5/2003 -0400, Nolan Penney wrote:

>I've been receiving these messages too, and trying to find where they
>are coming from.  I've got a vested interest, for obvious reasons.
>Since a few folks have determined it's me through lack of evidence, I
>thought I'd point out some fascinating and even a frightening aspect of
>his virus.

I'm not particularly interested in punishing anyone, but here's what I've 
The null CELLPADDING messages

From: timos <>
Date: Wed, 11 Jun 2003 10:57:03 -0500

From: npenney <>
Date: Fri, 1 Aug 2003 10:35:23 -0600

The null CELLSPACING mutant!
From: npenney <>
Date: Sat, 2 Aug 2003 11:48:05 -0600

>First, it's a shop-talk dedicated virus.  None of the other groups I'm
>in are receiving it.  Not even the other groups.  It was
>written in a code that targets the shop-talk group only.
>Second, it's able to elude all the common, and a few of the uncommon,
>virus detection softwares.  Not a one of them has been able to locate it
>on my machine.  It must be of the newest, and most powerful code.
>Third, and this is scary, it's able to turn on the power supply to my
>computer, boot up the computer, send the messages, turn the computer
>back off, and throw the breaker to the off position again!  That's a
>terrifyingly powerful virus!!!
>Of course, it might actually be a virus on someone else's machine,
>someone that is only a member of the shop-talk group, or shop-talk and
>other groups I'm not a member of.  Could even be on the server
>itself.  Some of the messages coming through it have contained a virus
>or two that my software has picked up.

McAfee has found no infected messages from

>To those of you witch burners who are trying to get me booted out of
>the group, do a little checking before lighting up your torches.

I said, "I suspect a list member is infected and is unknowingly sending the 

Now I think it would be more accurate to say, "I suspect a virus is 
responsible for sending the empty messages "
or even better.......
In my best shop teacher voice, "SOMEBODY'S SCREWING AROUND!"

Steve Shipley
Seattle, WA

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