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RE: Cordless drill clutches

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Subject: RE: Cordless drill clutches
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Date: Tue, 17 Sep 2002 07:31:10 -0400

A couple of questions for you. What is the battery voltage
of your Bosch? You may find that the newer units will serve
you better with a higher voltage.

How attached are you to your current unit? How much would
it cost to replace it? Yes, you can get them fixed, but
is it cost effective?

My 9.6V B&D that I bought 6 or 7 years ago works great,
but the batteries no longer hold a charge for very long.
The batteries are more expensive than a new unit is.
In fact, I bought a 14.4 V kit at Lowes or HD last winter
that includes a drill motor, recip saw, circular saw and
flashlight. Not going to replace the corded versions, but
can be much more convenient for small jobs.
Lowes or HD has an 18V Ryobi kit as well.


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> Subject: Cordless drill clutches
> My five year old Bosch cordless drill is starting to have 
> clutch problems. Is it worth dropping the engine and fixing 
> it, or do these tools just have a limited shop life?
> Thanks,
> Ken Landaiche

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