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Re: short or tall drill press

Subject: Re: short or tall drill press
From: Matt Mahoney <>
Date: Mon, 16 Apr 2001 16:20:32 -0700
Joe Flake wrote:
> I'm considering a new drill press 
> So how often do you do stuff on your floor mount drill press which the same 
>unit in bench mount couldn't handle?

Mine is the tall kind. I made a rolling base for it that
locks and I can put 2X4 outriggers through to steady
those few unwieldy pieces.
Makes it easy to get out of the way in my shop. Most of
my stuff is on wheels and just kind of lives in a corner
until I need it. Benchtop space is more valuable than
floor space to me.
I salvaged the locking wheel dolly from an old grocery
store rolling ladder/stair thing. I keep looking for
another one for my radial arm saw, but no luck so far. I
saw something similar in the Grainger catalog a few
years ago, but never followed up.
PS I'm new to this list and I like it.

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