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Answers RE: Laid up.

To: Shop talk <>
Subject: Answers RE: Laid up.
Date: Thu, 05 Apr 2001 21:10:15 -0700
Thanks for the answers and the welcome to the list.

Yes, being single, I guess I am a bit spoiled.  No wife, no kids and
no pets leaves a very nice amount of time and $ for the CC's  (car and
computer) as long as I keep my girlfriend's Ford on the road. However,
I happen to have these car affecianato friends who never seem to be
able to get out of the garage and appreciate the brew being so close
at hand.

I guess I should have clarified that my garage "critters" were of the
silverfish, spider and cricket type, not the larger cockroaches or
rats and mice.  I may be single but I do clean a little better than
that ;-)

I will go with the bleach wash down, the open baking soda box and
leaving the doors ajar.

Sorry to the conservationists, but I am going to keep it non-operative
for a while.  Who knows, maybe if I get tired of cars, I'll go into
sunny So. Calif. solar panels.

Thanks again,

Bill Barnett

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