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Re: 3 phase power

Subject: Re: 3 phase power
From: "Michael D. Porter" <>
Date: Thu, 28 Dec 2000 13:12:24 -0700 wrote:
> My question, what is the best way to convert to 3 phase.  Neither of us do
> enough to have the service brought to the house.
> There are lots of converters out there, but they seem REAL expensive.
> So, does anyone have any plans on how to make these things?  Anyone have a
> source for converters at a good price?
> I remember seeing a bunch of talk here about 2 years ago on this, but I
> can't find the information now (and maybe someone has some updates on it)

Depends upon the power required and the type of equipment. Welders,
because they are a reactive load, aren't well-suited to phase
conversion. 3-phase motors, however, can be run on either static or
rotary converters. Usually, a rotary converter is just a static
converter with a 3-phase motor attached to it, along with a smaller
single-phase motor to get it started. 

Try going here to get an overview of 3-phase conversion and some simple



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