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Attic vents

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Subject: Attic vents
From: "Keith Kaplan" <>
Date: Wed, 8 Nov 2000 09:49:06 -0800
What's the actual purpose of attic vents?  What am I trying to vent?
I've always thought the purpose was to prevent condensation in the
semi-heated area above the insulation.  Is that right?

My new shop is a metal pole building (well, actually the poles are wood)
which has some kind of (blown-in?) insulation held between the metal
roof and a layer of heavy white plastic tarp-like material.  Looks like
the white plastic was attached to the roof joists before the metal roof
panels were attached.  So the insulation is pretty much sealed.  There
are two ridge vents, which don't seem to do anything to vent the
insulation, but it sure seems like they'd let heat out of the shop.  

I'm hoping to install a natural gas shop heater this winter, but I don't
want the gas bills to be outrageous.  What will I harm by closing off
those vents?  I'm near Seattle, where it's not _that_ cold (never cold
enough to worry about ice dams), but it sure is wet a lot of the time.

125 shifter kart
Elva 300 FJr.

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