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Re: Tire lifespan

To: Scott Hall <>,
Subject: Re: Tire lifespan
From: Mike Rambour <>
Date: Sun, 08 Oct 2000 23:51:14 -0700

> > So my question is, should I replace these tires for safety reasons
> > because of their age?

   I am in the process of restoring a 1934 Singer and it needed something 
to roll on in the shop since it had no tires when I bought it.  The guy at 
the shop (that I do trust after 20+ years of buying from him) where I went 
to get some scrap tires told me that unless the tires are in the sun, 
modern manufacture tires should last at least 25 years.  Might have been a 
sales pitch since I bought all 6 tires (car carries 2 spares) but I would 
have bought the tires from him anyway so he only got my money this year 
instead of 2 years from now.

   He did say that 10+ years ago, the rubber was different and tires didn't 
last as long as now, sun or no sun.  Time will tell, but I hope I didn't 
buy my tires too soon if they are going to rot anyway.  I did hunt the tire 
websites and didn't find any info but they sure look good on the chassis 
:)  and I like being able to roll it around.


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