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Re: lathe question

To: "Rex Burkheimer" <>, "Shop Talk" <>
Subject: Re: lathe question
From: "Elton Clark" <>
Date: Fri, 29 Sep 2000 01:13:06 -0500
That's got to be the "back-gear" devise to slow the lathe 'way down.  My
Atlas has a lever which engages the gear . . . some previous owner must have
removed your engagement works.   You're gonna HAVE to have a book or you're
going to spend lots of time and math figuring out speeds.

> My 9"Logan lathe has a shaft with gears that I cannot figure out what to
> with. It is just behind the driven pulleys in the headstock, on a shaft
> parallel with the headstock and directly behind it. It has a large gear
> (~5") on the right side and a small gear on the left. Total length is
> 10".
> It does not mesh with any of the gears on the headstock, but it looks like
> it would. Judging by the size of the gears, I would suspect they are to
> provide lower shaft speeds. However, there appears to be no provision for
> bringing the gears into mesh.
>     Can anyone tell me what I'm looking at and how it is used?
> Rex Burkheimer
> Fort Worth

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