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stuff growing under my house

Subject: stuff growing under my house
Date: Fri, 15 Sep 2000 07:13:57 -0500
this may not be the right venue for my questions, but you guys know
everything and if you don't know you can point me to who does.  For the
past few years, I've been trying to clear up a moisture problem under my
house.  Every year the pest control guy would come and mention it and I
keep trying suggestions to dry it up.  I've installed sixteen 8" x 16"
thermostatically controlled vents in the crawl space walls and installed a
16" vent fan pulling air with an exchange rate is 2000 cu ft per
hour..crawlspace is approx 9000 cu ft, so I'm changing out the air about
every 4 hours under ideal conditions.  The fan runs nearly year round.

This week after he serviced my termite bond he mentioned that there was a
brown substance (mold, mildew, Chinese jungle bamboo fungus ????) on my
floor joists...  so I looked and it's there.  What to do ???   The ground
is covered completely with poly, the floors are insulated with fiberglass,
the air conditioner (underfloor unit) condensate is being pumped outside.
Note:  the drain line was dumping right next to the foundation and the
inside wall is wet at that point, and a small amount of water (1 quart) is
standing next to the inside wall there......  the rest of the foundations
are dry as powder.  I've corrected the drain problem and that should dry up
in a few days...

My question...#1 what is this stuff growing on my floor joists and how do I
treat it to kill/neutralize/get rid of it.   I would imagine that it is
doing some type of damage and should be eliminated.   #2  what else should
I do to eliminate the moisture problem under the house

I kneel in humility before the vast knowledge of our group and anxiously
await your suggestions/comment/redirection/help


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