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Re: Temporary Insulation

To: Derek Harling <>
Subject: Re: Temporary Insulation
From: "William H. Engle, Sr." <>
Date: Wed, 06 Sep 2000 08:43:19 -0400
Use of a kerosene heater in a closed storage unit means we probably won't be
hearing from you next spring.  That is a bad idea.  Use electric.
Bill Engle, Sr.

Derek Harling wrote:

> I need to do some serious race car fiberglass work but since my "shop"
> (garage) is integral with the house the smell and dust would be totally
> unacceptable.
> To my surprise the local "Stor-It" place does not frown on such work in
> any of their units - but of course there is no heat, light, power, water
> etc and no insulation - I'm talking Detroit area so winters are quite
> cold. I can solve the heat and light with a portable kerosene heater and
> a sizable generator I guess but what about insulation? Existing walls
> and roof are just galvanized steel paneling. Does the list recommend I
> try to install some temporary insulation or what? If so how? I'm
> thinking not only off getting working temperature up to 65F for the
> actual lay-up process but of keeping it at least 55F for the full resin
> cure.
> Help please.
> Derek

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