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Traffic Light Electrical Circuit

Subject: Traffic Light Electrical Circuit
From: Ronald Olds <>
Date: Sun, 31 Oct 1999 18:09:35 -0600
Hello Listers (or should  say BOO!! tonight),

I have obtained a traffic light, actually one of the small european types,
and would like to use it as a display in the family room. Can anyone out
there help me with a schematic that would allow the lights to flash in
sequence. I know I can use separate timer relays and adjust each light so
they turn on and off in what looks like the correct sequence but I was
hoping for a circuit that would sequence each light in order. I have to
rewire the lights from the original sockets so I can use 110V or even 12v
for the supply.  I'll appreciate any suggestions I can get.

Ron Olds

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