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RE: For emergency use only

To: "Gerald J. Brazil" <>,
Subject: RE: For emergency use only
From: Carol <>
Date: Wed, 27 Oct 1999 10:21:58 -0500
I don't think I'd take a bath in the stuff, but acetone is the main
ingredient in nail polish remover. I use it frequently and have neither
lost any nor grown extra appendages. (Note: some of the new polish removers
are "acetone-free", and they don't work  well on nail polish either! Read
the label.)

San ANtonio

At 09:47 PM 10/26/99 -0400, Gerald J. Brazil wrote:
>Chuck, the best stuff for getting the resin and fuzz off of your hands is
>acetone......not sure what it does to the body, but I've used it for years
>and haven't grown any extra appendages. Also my offspring are fairly close
>to normal.

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