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Re: To paint, or NOT to paint

To: Scott Hall <>
Subject: Re: To paint, or NOT to paint
From: Chris Heerschap <>
Date: Mon, 25 Oct 1999 11:19:08 -0400
Scott Hall wrote:
> I think if you're going to coat them at all, powdercoat them.  brake fluid
> (and you'll get some on there) will peel the paint off, which looks bad
> (don't ask).  the fluid also keeps rust away, at least from the covered
> parts.  powdercoating, though, stands up to brake fluid and looks good to
> boot.  white lets off more heat, but I doubt the color will make a
> noticeable difference.  do whatever color you like best.  mine are blue.
>  the calipers on the others are natural, and the coated ones do look
> better, if you like that sort of thing.

Powder coating?  Correct me if I'm wrong but powder coating applies a
coat of *plastic powder* to the piece... which is then "cured" by
melting it onto the piece.

I've blackened high temperature Ford Red engine paint on my calipers
when they get hot... I've actually had both brakes and paint smoking. 
Under these circumstances, I can imagine powder coated calipers would
either melt off or catch fire.

I haven't had any problems with heat retention with the high-temp
paint.  While a bare caliper would dissipate heat better I don't think
it's a significant difference, or maybe Porsche calipers wouldn't be
bright red as well. ;)

White or black... why limit yourself?  If you look at high temp engine
paints, there are many choices, and if you don't go with a high-temp
paint, the possibilities are limitless.  It's a matter of how much
temp you expect the brakes to be seeing.  If it's a track car or
you're hard on brakes, go with at least high-temp paint.  I've had
really bad results with the Plasti-kote ultra-high-temp paint, skip

If the car is just a daily driver, you can get away with normal
paint.  A friend of mine used high-temp white as a primer and put
conventional yellow paint on top of it.  With the white base, the
yellow calipers nearly glowed...

Chris Heerschap - UNIX Systems Mutilator/Postmaster

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