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Canadian Subscriptions

Subject: Canadian Subscriptions
From: Derek Harling <>
Date: Sun, 17 Oct 1999 22:07:18 -0400
Fellow Canadian Listers

This responds to Mark Bradakis' request for funds to continue, and
possibly improve, all his excellent team lists.  In his letter he points
out the problems of "foreigners" like us Canadians each submitting small
amounts of money - its costs him more than its worth to process all
these little bits of funny money through his bank.

Let's respond by clubing together and making him a decent Canadian
contribution - its worth it isn't it?  How much pleasure do YOU get from
reading these lists.

Let me introduce myself.  I'm the Membership Secretary of the Canadian
vintage racing club - VARAC.  Each year I handle club subscriptions well
into the five figure range - so hopefully you feel you can trust me.  In
case you want to check me out I live in Windsor ON.

Proposal - 
 - email me and agree to contribute a small amount
 - state whether you prefer $5 or $10 each [Canadian funds]
 - I'll report back to you, regularly, how many have agreed and the
preferred amount
 - [by keeping it the same for everyone you can easily audit what I'm
 - I'll keep strict records of who agreed - by email and by real name
 - once it reaches at least $200 [that's small isn't it!] I'll send you
all a request for the money
 - once the money is received I'll send Mark a USD check for the full

How many agree?  How many want to contribute?  Pls email me.

Derek Harling

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