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Re: Welding a stainless steel tail pipe

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Subject: Re: Welding a stainless steel tail pipe
From: "Rex Burkheimer" <>
Date: Tue, 12 Oct 1999 12:53:36 -0500
I think it would depend on the stainless alloy, would it not?   One of the
non-magnetic/ low or no ferrous content varieties might be a problem.

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Erik Quackenbush <> wrote:

> Yes it is. If you're making a structural weld in stainless then you really
> should use stainless wire and a different shielding gas, but for exhaust
> pipes you can get by with ordinary mild steel wire and gas.
> -Erik
> At 11:11 PM 10/11/99 -0400, Peter Schauss wrote:
> >
> >The short piece of sheet metal (stainless) which braces
> >the two tail pipes on my BJ7 near the back has come
> >loose on one side and I would like to be able to weld it
> >back on to the tailpipe.  I have a Lincoln Weldpack 100
> >with the add-on MIG welding kit including a tank of CO2/Ar gas
> >Is it possible to weld stainless with this?
> >
> >Thanks,
> >
> >Peter Schauss
> >Long Island, NY
> >1963 BJ7
> >1980 MGB
> >
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