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Re: English wheel? found the catalog

To: Lars Lundemo <>
Subject: Re: English wheel? found the catalog
From: (Roland Wilhelmy)
Date: Sun, 26 Jan 1997 23:28:13 GMT

TM Technologies
Post Office Box 429
North San Juan, California
USA 95960

telephone [within US] 916-292-3506  [you precede with country code,


Little powerhouse Wheel   [26 inch throat] including frame, upper
wheel and 6 lower rolls (all heat treated)      US$2785.00

upper wheels: rough cast or ground and hardened:

8inches by 2.5 inches  RC: $85.   G & H: $445.
8            by  3                      $95.              $460.
12               3.5                  $185.              $585

Lower Rolls:
2.5 inch rolls      $295. each
3.5 inch rolls      $395.  each


Little Powerhouse (26 inch throat bench top model) wheel   $49.95
Big Powerhouse Floor Model Wheels:

        31 inch throat / 5 foot panel         $64.95
        39 inch              6                          $64.95
        49 inch              8                          $64.95

plans are complete sets of 18inch by 24 inch technical plans for all
aspects of tool construction.  Profiles and specifications for the
upper wheels and lower rolls are included in each set of plans.  Full
cutting patterns are included in the plans for the Big Powerhouse

Video:  An American's View of the English Wheel.  126 minute color
video:  $49.95   [note this is a VHS tape and may not be compatible
with European video standards.]

The above is copied from their catalog.  That is all I know.
I don't own one and never have seen one.


On Sat, 25 Jan 1997 18:24:21 +0100, you wrote:

>I have a Pontiac Bonneville 1959 under restoration and I was thinking of
>building me a English wheel. I wonder if there is  someone else who have
>build one? Maybe you some tips and suggestion how I will do?
>I have a 120mm squaretube with a thickness of 5mm, that a was thinking =
to use.
>Where can I find me a set of rollers? Does anyone know any company that =
>Perhaps you even know the price for it?(I will need adress and
>faxnumber,when I live in Sweden).
>Thanks for any tips

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