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Fluke 88

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Subject: Fluke 88
From: "Kendall F. Jones" <>
Date: Tue, 21 Jan 1997 22:01:47 -0500
> Need to say how pleased I am with my 88.  Works extreamly well with
> new fangled, fuel injected, feedback electrics and also with the old
> cars....
> I use the inductive pickup as a tell tale tach when I run open track
> events.  I bought the 80T-IR non contact probe to take tire temps.  Keep
> right in the box....
> The inductive pickup went dead after 11 months (probably due to the
> vibration!) - Sent it back to fluke and they sent me a  new one.
> Kendall  "cable tie it to the motor mount" Jones
> Home of mrJones racing:

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