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Sterling autos, radio

Subject: Sterling autos, radio
From: "Charles B. Andes" <>
Date: Sat, 18 Jan 1997 12:02:43 +0000
All: HELP!

Sterling autos have a radio which requires entry of a 3 digit code, 
for theft deterent. How can I reset the code? I am NOT a thief. The 
Sterling I just bought used the lady says worked fine with no code, then 
suddenly does not work. She gave me the previous owners code, which did
not work for her and does not work for me. I suspect on of the three 
teen age sons programmed it, and will not disclose the code. 

In any event, I need to reset this radio code, presuming the code is 

This situation is typical of theft deterrents- they are more trouble to 
the owners than they are to thiefs. Probably everyone in the UK knows 
how to reset these radios.


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