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thickness of different gauge sheetmetal.

Subject: thickness of different gauge sheetmetal.
From: (Dave Williams)
Date: Sat, 11 Jan 1997 17:15:00 -0500
-> What is the correlation between the thickness of a piece of
-> sheetmetal and it's gauge?  I know the gauge is used as a
-> measurement

 The problem is not "guage" itself, but that there are *many* of them.
Which guage is used for measurement depends on what type of metal you're
dealing with, and sometimes what industry it's used for.

 My recommendation is not to worry about guage.  Make your material
selection in decimal inches (assuming you're not in a metric area) and
give that to the supplier.  They will counter with whatever guage they
have on hand that comes closest.

 Actually, if you're just dealing in steel or aluminum sheet it's pretty
cut and dried, but when you get into other stuff it starts getting
weird.  Stay with decimals.

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