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Re: Appropriate air tool for wire brushing

To: Peter Schauss x 2014 <>
Subject: Re: Appropriate air tool for wire brushing
From: "Jack L. Poller" <>
Date: Tue, 07 Jan 1997 08:02:34 -0800
Peter Schauss x 2014 wrote:
> In the process of replacing the sills on my MGB, I have been using a
> wire brush with a 1/4 shaft attached to my die grinder to remove rust, old
> undercoating and paint prior to welding.  For safety and efficiency reasons
> I would prefer to use a brush designed for high speed use, like the ones with
> the wire strands twisted together like rope.  What kind of air tool should
> I use drive one of these?

A Makita 4 inch A/C powered Grinder.  These are much more powerful,
easier to control, don't have to wait for pressure to build up, 
etc.  I picked mine up for about $60, the same price as a good
air tool.  I use it for grinding and wire-brushing.  I've
got both disc and cup versions of wire brushs, and found both
to be extremely good.  Removes rust, even in pitted spots,
paint, etc, etc, etc.


> Thanks,
> Peter Schauss
> 1963 Austin-Healey 3000 Mk II
> 1980 MGB

Jack L. Poller             (408) 752-9176        

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