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Re: Extra tank for compressor

Subject: Re: Extra tank for compressor
From: jibrooks@JUNO.COM (Jack I Brooks)
Date: Tue, 31 Dec 1996 22:17:31 EST

How about simply hard piping a manifold which would enable you to bypass
the spare tank if you didn't need it.  

The sequence would be:
Main tank
one leg of tee - shutoff valve, spare tank, shutoff valve into a 2nd Tee
2nd leg of tee - shutoff valve, into 2nd tee (after spare tank)
from 2nd tee to regulator

Jack Brooks
Hillsdale, New Jersey
1960 TR3-A TS69032L
1974 Norton Commando Roadster

On Tue, 31 Dec 1996 08:00:48 -0500 (EST) Joe Flake
<> writes:
>I finally did it.  I bought (with Santa's blessings) a small
>compressor as a Christmas present for myself.  It's in
>violation of all the recommendations posted here about size
>of compressor, but it fit Santa's budget.
>It's a small 1 HP unit mounted on a 2.5 gal "hotdog" type of
>tank.  It claims 2.7 cfm at 90 psi.  It definately meets the
>"portable" description!  It was only $129 (at Sams).
>I know, that's too small to do "real" work, but it fits nicely
>with my need for air to do car/bike tires, a blow nozzle, a
>brad nailer (for the woodworking side of the shop), and perhaps
>occasional use of a small impact wrench.  I'll continue to 
>dream about the big multi-horse, 2-stage, upright tank units...
>I've read the comments here about adding an additional tank
>to help ride through short demands for high volume and would
>like to try that with my unit.  I have one of the portable
>tanks (which with gas station air has served as my
>"compressor" for many years) which would be a nice addition.
>Trouble is, I can't quite figure the best way to hook them together.
>I want to use quick connects so the tank can be quickly grabbed
>to take for portable needs.  On the other hand, I don't like the
>idea of a hose with the male (non sealing) end of a quick connect
>fitting on both ends.  Either an accidental release or a deliberate
>disconnect results in an "open" air hose -- not pretty.
>My best compromise thought thus far is to use a short (about 2 ft
>or even less) hose to connect the tanks, and to put one of the small
>inline cutoffs on that hose.  For an accidental disconnect, the 
>of such a short hose would be minimal, and when a deliberate 
>is desired, the cutoff could be activated first.
>The extra fitting on the compressor would be added between the
>pressure switch and the regulator using a tee fitting.
>What do you think?  Here's an ascii-art of what I have in mind:
>(always did want an excuse to post one of these things!)
>  [compressor]----+
>                  |
>                  |
>                  +--[pressure_switch]
>                  |
>                  |            __
>                  +-{{ <<====//=====>> }}-[portable_tank]
>                  |      (short hose)
>                  |
>                  |
>                  +--[regulator]-{{ <<================{{ 
>  Legend:    -, |, and +    pipe fittings
>             ==        hose
>             {{ or }}  quick disconnect (female)
>             << or >>  quick disconnect (male)
>              __
>             //        manual inline cutoff valve
>Joe Flake
>HP Atlanta

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