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Re: welding galvanized steel

Subject: Re: welding galvanized steel
Date: Mon, 30 Dec 1996 01:33:43 -0500
(Ray gibbons wrote about M. W. Jordan, Jr.'s welding on galvanized steel)

>I'm not aware of any way to do it without first removing the 
>galvanizing.  At least I know that MIG welding won't work.  If you try 
>gas welding it, the heat will cause the coating to come off.  Remove the 
>coating by grinding it off; it usually isn't thick.  Do your welding in a 
>well ventilated area.  Coating near the weld will burn off, producing 
>toxic zinc fumes.  How toxic?  A whiff or two won't produce permanent 
>damage, but you would not want to breath a lot of it.

Arc (Stick) welding works sometimes works, if (the base metal) it's not too
thin-but don't breath any of the fumes!  I have welded (mostly torch)
galvanized, and every time I have had a bad fever afterwords (about a day or
so-not sure of any long term effects it's had on me).  I thought each time
that I had plenty of ventilation, but obviously not enough (it was outside
every time-with a mask, but not something that provided fresh pressurized
air)  After the third time this happened, I just decided to grind away any of
the coating on whatever I weld.  The welding burns it away anyway. (Pretty
green flame)

Good luck w/ your project!  Scott M Ryan

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