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Miller or Lincoln?

Subject: Miller or Lincoln?
From: Mike Lee - Team Banana Racing <>
Date: Mon, 16 Dec 1996 10:04:48 -0800
A few months ago, I had made a query for a friend about picking up a welder;
he liked my Lincoln, but couldn't afford the $$$, and decided to hold off
on buying one.  Well, his wife talked to me a week or two ago; her Xmas
gift to him will be a welder (lucky guy!), and she wanted me to help her
pick one out.

We sent out on Sat to look around for one (good thing the welding shops aren't
in the malls.... =;^), and came across two.  A Miller MillerMatic 130 for $495,
and a Lincoln SP-125T for $475 (I have an Lincoln SP-125+).
There wasn't a 125T on display, so I couldn't tell exactly what the difference
was, but I imagine they are similar.  I've heard good things about Miller, and
I like my Lincoln.  Is there a good reason to recommend one over the other?  I
suggested that the Lincoln might be a better idea, since he's already used to 
but the Miller is in stock, and can be picked up now....

Thanks for the help, and Happy Holidays!

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