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Flanger thread/13

To: "Mark R. Anderton" <andertonm@JUNO.COM>
Subject: Flanger thread/13
From: Jarl/Carol <>
Date: Fri, 13 Dec 1996 20:46:30 -0800
Mark R. Anderton wrote:

> I assume you are the same Jarl de Boer whose cars I have seen in
> Automobile Quarterly.  I'm honored to be here with you.  Some restorers
> I have talked to say you don't have to put a continuous bead on a butt
> weld, rather, you can just put spot welds a half inch or so apart and
> cover with filler.  Less chance for warpage, etc.  Is this acceptable in
> your book?

You're too kind. Don't believe everything you see in Quarterly, the
camera DOES lie! I prefer to fully weld. Filler (like primer) is porous
and water goes right through it. So, like discussed in the thread on
shop floors and walls, you start having the top coat release after a
while. Yuk, another come-back! There's a heat resistant putty, I presume
asbestos based, that you soak with water and stick to the metal near the
weld as a heat barrier. Works great, if you weld short runs, you almost
completely avoid warpage. Keep the amperage matched to the gauge of the
metal and you'll be fine. (store the putty in a jar between uses)   Jarl

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