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RE: Ray's Air Compressor thread

Subject: RE: Ray's Air Compressor thread
From: (John T. Blair)
Date: Wed, 11 Dec 1996 18:26:12 -0500
At 11:03 AM 12/11/96 -0800, Steve Flatt wrote:
>Is it simply a matter of using the largest 
>diameter pipe/hose you can fit between tank and tool?

Within reason.  Infact, if you plump you garage with 2" copper
pipe you also get a nice increase to your storage supply.

>Does the smallest diameter hose/pipe/fitting
>that exists between the tank and the tool limit the
>volume of air that reaches the blaster?

IMHO, definetly.  The flow rate should be proportional to the
cross sectional area of the hose.  The smaller the dia. the
less flow.

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