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Re: MIG welder

Subject: Re: MIG welder
From: andertonm@JUNO.COM (Mark R. Anderton)
Date: Sat, 7 Dec 1996 20:51:36 EST
On Fri, 06 Dec 1996 10:41:59 -0800 Dennis Skog <> writes:
>Just subscribed to this list. I am considering buying a mig welder for 
>occasional use restoring autos. (British cars). I would like to get
>some input from anyone who has purchased and used any of the more 
>inexpensive units. Thanks !
>Dennis Skog
I bought the WeldPak 100 from Eastwood, which came with the gas
conversion kit, which is a good thing, because welding with Argon/CO2
gas is the way to go.  Flux-core welding is messy and difficult on sheet
metal.  They say you can weld aluminum if you use pure argon gas, but
then I'd have to buy another gas bottle.  I wouldn't give up my wire
welder for anything.

Mark Anderton

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