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Re: Thermal Dynamics equipment

Subject: Re: Thermal Dynamics equipment
From: Nicol <>
Date: Fri, 06 Dec 1996 18:49:36 -0500
Richard George x 7247 (sun) wrote:
> My question was if any of you out there had any experience with
> thermal dynamics equipment, and what your impressions were - I've looked
> at most of the common brands (Century, Miller, Lincoln, etc.,), but I
> have never seen any of this particular firm's equipment before...

Thermal Dynamics invented the plasma cutter.  They are considered to be
"Cadillac" of units.
> Also, any other information on this firm would be appreciated (are they
> relatively new, or what - they don't even seem to have much in the
> Thomas Register on them..).

I can attest to the Pak Master 25 as I own one.  I am very happy with
I use it for body work mostly.  You can zip off a quarter panel in about
three minutes with no distortion.  Truly an amazing cut.

It will do light iron too, but not as well as sheetmetal.  For anything
heavier than 1/8" I get out the flame wrench.

John Nicol

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