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floor paint

Subject: floor paint
From: mbarre@JUNO.COM (Matt Barre)
Date: Fri, 6 Dec 1996 10:39:47 PST
It never fails. The minute I throw something out that I have been keeping
for years, I find a need for it.  I must have tossed the info from the
performance flooring company I mentioned.  Definitely sounds like what
Jack described though but it may have had an extra step or two, possibly
what they termed as a primer, sand, main coat, and final topcoat with
additional sand courses optional for more build.  ISTR the company was
in GA.  I saw their ad in Hemmings or some other automotive mag.

Our hangar decks are epoxy coated and it makes it very nice as oil and
hydraulic fluid just wipe up.  It can be very slippery when wet though. 
I guess that is part of the reason for the sand course.  I backed off
from epoxy as my current garage has a brushed floor.  My next one will
be power troweled like glass and I will then use the multi part system. 
I will just have to keep the floor clean or plan on busting my but often!

Sounds like the water issue has been covered.  The epoxy is impermeable
but the force exerted by water can be impressive and will exploit and areas of 
poor adhesion.

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