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Re:[many] Air compressors yet again[1hp comp]

Subject: Re:[many] Air compressors yet again[1hp comp]
Date: Thu, 21 Nov 1996 21:12:30 -0500 said:

>What would the effect on compressor operation be if I went to a larger
>motor.  The 1 hp motor runs the thing ok in warm conditions, but can't start
>in cold weather (solution for the last 5 years has been not to work in cold

I have a valve on my compressor(after the compressor head, before the valve
to the storage tank; not all compressors are built like mine) to let it run
w/ the compressed air bleeding directly off-this allows me to run the
compressor in sub-zero weather. (if I need to-open the valve, start it, shut
the valve.)

It sounds to me like your motor has too large a pulley on the motor-this
makes it draw more current than it should, and probably if that was a modern
motor it would have flamed out by now.  when you put a larger horsepower
motor on the compressor, you use a larger pulley to get the compressor head
to spin faster.  (Just need to make sure it overheats)
A 1HP motor should probably not draw more than 1500 watts (14 amps@120vac) or
so.  Although if it's old (>25 years), maybe it is that inefficent)

also, if it uses oil, you can put thinner oil in it during the winter. (but
not too thin; I don't know exactly what is normal-I just have a bottle
labeled "compressor oil".

>What would the effect be if I hooked up a large tank in parallel (or in
>series - which is best?) to the existing small tank?  I suspect that I could
>get more CFM over a short period of time, with a longer recovery period,
>with the net result the same average CFM but more easily used, if you get my
>drift. (Thomas Wannenburg) also said:

>I attach another tank, and would this let me work longer before it kicks in.

I have two tanks on my setup as well, the main one, then a secondary one in
series w/ the first one, w/ a one-way valve one the side of the secondary
tank-with a normal air fitting to connect between the main tank & the
secondary tank.

This has the advantage I can take a full tank somewhere and use it (usually
for an impact wrench) with no power or compressor available.

The two (equal size, in my case) tanks also make it possible to use a
sandblaster and air grinder(both high cfm requirement), just have to let it
catch up every once in a while.  much more usable. (runs greater than twice
as long, because when the compressor was running, the two tanks are losing
air at the rate of "air tool CFM-Compressor CFM" after the compressor starts)

Good luck!  Scott M Ryan

PS:  My grandfather made his tanks (That he gave to me) out of 100 pound
propane tanks-I think they are 25 or 30 gallons or so.  Drilled/tapped a
fitting to drain them (of water-in the bottom), threaded the top fitting for
normal pipe thread, put a 4 way fitting, 0-200 PSI guage, pressure relief
valve, and output air fitting.  Has a threaded on guard to protect the
guage/etc, and the air inlet (for the secondary tank) is welded into the side
of the tank)

MAKE SURE that the tank has *no* propane left in it when working on it!  I
don't know how grandpa made sure of that. (and I can't ask him any more)

PPS:  to make them quieter-enclosing them (w/ baffles on incoming air) works,
or if yours is the correct design, you can put a remote air filter (like a
car air cleaner) on it w/ a baffled inlet. (or a snorkle-like tube)  This
should quiet it down a lot-by far the loudest noise on mine is the air inlet.

PPPS: most compressors should be able to run just about continuously (except
maybe <1hp or diaphram pumps), but any extra cooling will help (the hotter
they get, the faster then wear out/break down).  Poss can get an extra fan
attached to the drive pulley near the cylinders?

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