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Re: Eastwood leak finder

To: (Steve Flatt),
Subject: Re: Eastwood leak finder
From: "Doug Mitchell" <>
Date: Fri, 15 Nov 1996 08:06:24 -0500
On Nov 14,  1:25pm, Steve Flatt wrote:
> Subject: Eastwood leak finder
> Anyone tried Eastwood's ultraviolet light (blacklight) and
> dye leak finding system? Would like to know how well it
> performs before I make the $90 leap.
> They are now selling the dyes separately so I assume that
> if you have an old blacklight laying around (60's anyone?)
> you could cobble together your own system for just the cost
> of the dye.
> -----------------------------------
> Steve Flatt -
> '58 A-H 100-6 Longbridge BN4
> -----------------------------------
>-- End of excerpt from Steve Flatt

I haven't used Eastwood's system, but I have had the dye system used
on my truck recently. It was a big help. The transmission was leaking,
and it was difficult to determine the exact source of the leak. After
power-washing the oil off the trans, we put the dye in, drove around
for a couple of days, and then used the black-light to find the source.
We found one source, and then after repairing that, found a second
source of the leaks. It is now oil tight.

There should be no reason why you can't buy the dye and just use
a black light from a different source if you already have one or you
can find one cheaper.

Doug Mitchell

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