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Metrinch tools

Subject: Metrinch tools
Date: Thu, 7 Nov 1996 01:03:36 -0500
For those of you that like me have bodged cars with a variety of fasteners,
my TA has BSF, Metric and UNF nuts and bolts, these tools would seem to be
ideal for on board tool kits.  I have a set of these sockets in the TA now
and they seem to work well.  Recently both Eastwood and Damart have been
featuring Sets of sockets, wrenchs and ratchets etc on sale.  Damart has a 48
piece for 129.99 so that is 2.70 per piece ( its hard to make a direct
comparison) and Eastwood has a 71 piece on sale now for (opps, I just read
the fine print)....make that not on sale now at 249.99 or about 3.50 per
piece....Damart is offering free shipping.  One nice thing is that they now
have deep sockets which are extremely hard to come by in Whitworth/BSF sizes.
  Just FYI, I have no other interest is these tools, except I want the big
set at the Damart price!!

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