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Re[2]: Auto Darkening shades for welding helmet

To:, Brian Kelley <>
Subject: Re[2]: Auto Darkening shades for welding helmet
From: "John Loftin" <>
Date: Mon, 04 Nov 96 08:08:47 EST
     My experience as an engineer is most people resist change and refuse 
     to embrace new technology.  "The old goggles work, so why change?"  
     "Bubba" can take his $25(?) helmet, flip it down, and start welding.  
     When he is finished, he can "chunk" the helmet onto the workbench.  
     That is probably why he has what is left of his $400 helmet on the 

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Subject: Re: Auto Darkening shades for welding helmet
Author:  Brian Kelley <> at smtp
Date:    11/1/96 04:04 PM

Peter Schauss writes:
> When I went to my local welding shop to refill the tank for my MIG welder, 
> I found that they had the auto darkening helmets, complete, for $140. 
> The guy there said that the prices have come down substantially in the 
> last year or so.
Strangely, _none_ of the professional prototype fabricators that I know 
use them.  Actually, one had a $400 unit in pieces on his bench.
Every professional I've asked has had generally negative things to say 
about them.  Nothing terribly damning, they just don't think they're
a big win.
They're apparently very comfortable with the traditional shields.  I 
really don't have any issue with them... EXCEPT when I'm inside
of a roll cage or other confined space.  Cases where you don't have 
enough space with the helmet up or enough space to flip the helmet 
down.  That's when I'd really like one..

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